University of Nevada, Reno Hosts Leaders Conference

The Collegiate Agriculture Leaders (CAL) Conference was hosted by the Agriculture, Veterinary, and Rangeland Sciences department (AVRS) of the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology, and Natural Resources at University Nevada, Reno (UNR) from October 7-8, 2022. This was the first year the university has offered the CAL conference since 2019. UNR was selected to host the conference by the California Community College Student Leadership Committee at the CATA conference in June. The theme of this year’s conference was, “Agriculture in a Waterless Future.” The two-day program started with keynote speaker, veterinarian, and rancher, J.J. Goicoechea, who shared his experience in community service and agricultural leadership. Participants toured the school’s AVRS programs—Main Station Ranch, Wolf Pack Meats, and the Desert Farming Initiative. In addition, more than 100 participants were treated to a tailgate BBQ and Wolfpack football game. For more information on AVRS, visit


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