Register Your Students for Leadership Conferences

Now is the time to submit registrations for California FFA’s Made for Excellence (MFE) and Advanced Leadership Academy (ALA), and applications for Sacramento Leadership Experience (SLE).

MFE and ALA:

These two-day conferences are designed to engage sophomore (MFE) and junior (ALA) FFA members at their respective levels. MFE participants will spend the weekend learning about their personal values and understanding how to connect with others, while ALA participants will discover how to work with others and accomplish a shared goal. Registration is $100 per student, and the postmark deadline is December 19, 2022. 

Conference dates and locations.


This statewide conference allows high school seniors to step into the role of one of California’s State Legislators. Participants are assigned a specific California legislative district and spend four days in Sacramento. SLE focuses on the role of government, agricultural policy, and advocacy. Applications are open and due December 15, 2022.

More information about SLE. 


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