The Power of Planning An Agriculture Tour

This month, the State Officer Team embarked on a 3-day agriculture tour in the Central Valley. On their tour, they made ice cream, milked cows, and explored 500-acres of nursery stock. The tour helped the team better understand the industry they will represent for the next nine months, according to California FFA Sentinel, Morgan Oliveira. “This tour helped us better understand agriculture in our state. It also helped us understand the challenges in the industry, and hear the producer’s perspective. It was experiential in every sense of the word, and we learned so much from the hands-on opportunities,” recounted Oliveira.

All students can benefit from the immersive experience of an agriculture tour. It’s a powerful way to combat the increasing gap in agricultural literacy, introduce students to local agriculture, introduce the community to our students, and possibly inspire a student to choose a career path. This month’s edition of NAAE’s The Agricultural Education Magazine features an article by Jillian Ford, PhD candidate at North Carolina State University, summarizing her experience planning a multi-day agriculture tour. Read the complete article here.

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