Sacramento Scene: End of Service on the Horizon for Champions of AgEd

By: Matt Patton, CATA Executive Director

The California Legislature returned from summer break on August 1 and has until the end of the month to pass bills within the legislative cycle. All bills passed by both houses then land on the Governor’s desk. August 31 at midnight is the deadline for all bills. Then the Governor has three courses of action on all bills that have passed both houses: he can sign the bill into law; he can allow it to become law without a signature; or he can veto the bill. The Governor’s veto can be overruled by a two-thirds vote of the Assembly and Senate (County Supervisor’s Resource Guide).

Fall will be the end of service for a record number of legislators. Congressional opportunities, redistricting, and expiring term limits have contributed to the Legislative “Great Resignation” of 2022. After the November election of the 120 legislators in California, 33 will be new. Among those leaving the capital are many friends of agricultural education. Assembly Member O’Donnell, Education Chair and champion of Career Technical Education (CTE), will return to the classroom to teach Civics in Long Beach. Former Assembly Republican Leader Chad Mayes of Rancho Mirage may run for Congress. Andreas Borgias, a Republican from Fresno, and Jordan Cunningham of San Luis Obispo will not seek another term. Adam Gray, an Assembly Member from Merced, is running for Congress, and Jim Cooper from Elk Grove won an election to become the Sacramento County Sheriff. Assembly Member Frank Bigelow from Madera is also not seeking reelection. Another notable exit is Keely Martin Bosler, who is stepping down as Director of the Finance Department. Those are just a few of our friends that have or will leave their state leadership positions in the coming months.

As the legislative session winds down, a few notable bills are still being tracked by the California Agricultural Teacher’s Association. Click here to read more.

Those bills are listed below.

AB 2044 (O’Donnell) – This bill extends the sunset on the option for students to fulfill a state high school graduation requirement by successfully completing a Career Technical Education (CTE) course until July 1, 2027. In addition, this act would amend the Education Code relating to graduation requirements. 

AB 2088 (Copper) – Career technical education: California Pilot Paid Internship Program. This program would establish the California Pilot Paid Internship Program, which allocates $575 million to the California Department of Education to provide grants that establish or expand public-private paid internship programs for students. 

AB 2617 (Holden) – Dual Enrollment Programs: Competitive Grant. If enacted, this bill would appropriate $500,000 in a competitive grant program to start up middle college or early college high schools that promote dual enrollment. 

AB 2573 (McCarty) – Certificated School Employees: Probationary Employees: If passed, this bill would require certificated employees of a school district or a county superintendent of schools, regardless of the average daily attendance of the school or district, to be given permanent employee status after two consecutive years of employment.

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