California Ag Teachers Recognized at the National Level

By: Matt Patton, CATA Executive Director

Jessica Fernandes Honored by National Association of Agricultural Educators

The National Association of Agricultural Educators (NAAE) National Teach Ag Campaign honored Buena Park High School agricultural educator Jessica Fernandes during the 2021 National Teach Ag Day. 

Every year the NAAE National Teach Ag Campaign selects individuals and/or organizations who have contributed significantly to the Teach Ag mission of ensuring a quality and diverse supply of agricultural teachers. Jessica is more than deserving of this honor due to her steadfast commitment to agricultural teacher recruitment and retention in California, Region I, and across the nation.

Jessica was selected as a 2021 NAAE National Teach Ag Champions as a result of her passion and dedication for transforming agricultural education into a more inclusive and diverse profession, increasing educators involvement in NAAE, and emphasizing the important work agricultural educators do every day to make their classrooms, schools, and communities more inclusive and equitable places for all students.

Congratulations, Jessica, well deserved!

California Ag Teachers selected as National Teacher Ambassadors for FFA

Amanda Ferguson, Cara Parlato-Butler, and Jason Ferreira from California were selected as National Teacher Ambassadors for FFA for the 2021-2022 school year. 

The National Teacher Ambassadors for FFA program provides ambassadors with professional development experience, more specifically addressing combating factors that lead to teacher burnout, such as tedium, volume, environment, work-life balance, and low levels of professional development at the midpoint of the career. In addition, the program educates ambassadors and their peers on time-saving educator resources.  In its fifth year, the program allows ambassadors to connect with their peers through workshops, giving them the tools to manage the challenges of being an agriculture teacher. The program is also a direct connection between National FFA staff and agricultural educators.

Great Job, Amanda, Cara, and Jason! Enjoy the journey.

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