Sacramento Scene: August 2021

By: Matt Patton, CATA Executive Director

California Legislature 

Even though the Legislature is on summer break, there are still many things happening politically in California. The Legislature will return from summer break on August 16 and begin the final push to move current bills by the September 10 deadline. Interestingly, the end of this year’s legislative session is four days before the recall election. Any bill successfully adopted by that deadline must be signed by October 10 by the governor. This timing could create a very unusual situation. There could potentially be a new governor during the 30-day signing period. Technically during a recall, the incumbent would not be out of office until the election is certified. Certification could take longer than usual due to the increased number of mail-in ballots anticipated.

Gubernatorial Recall Election

August 16 is also the day that ballot mailing begins to all registered voters in California. The official California Gubernatorial Recall Election is scheduled for September 14. The following link will supply information about recall voting Recall/quick-facts-2021

The September 14, 2021, California Gubernatorial Recall Election ballot will have two parts.

The first part will be a recall question listed on the ballot as: “Shall GAVIN NEWSOM be recalled (removed) from the office of Governor?”

Following the recall question, all qualified replacement candidates for the office of Governor will be listed. A list of those qualified replacement candidates can be found at 2021-recall/certified-list. Voters will be asked to make a choice for a replacement in the case of a recall. If a majority of the votes on the recall question are “Yes,” Governor Newsom will be removed from office, and the replacement candidate receiving the highest number of votes will be declared elected for the remainder of the Governor’s term of office (ending January 2, 2023).


Governor Newsom announced a state mask mandate for all students and teachers as in-person instruction resumes across the state. This requirement would require both staff and students to mask during all indoor activities for grades K-12. This announcement has been met with several legal challenges across the state. 

Both the California State University system and the University of California system have mandated that students and faculty be vaccinated before returning to campus in the fall. However, details on enforcement and repercussions have yet to be finalized. 

Vaccination stats are something that is reported daily around Sacramento. For reference, currently, 63.6% of Californians are fully vaccinated, 9.8% are partially vaccinated, and 26.6% have had no vaccination. 


It will be an interesting fall as new school policies roll out, students go back to in-person instruction, bills are brought to the legislative floor, and ballots for the second-ever California gubernatorial recall are cast. 

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