2021 State FFA Leadership Conference Gamification and Curriculum

By: Dane White, Educational Program Consultant, California Department of Education

What is gamification?

Gamification is a system built into the Events On Air! Platform that is being used to host the 2021 State FFA Leadership Conference. This system allows the hosts to help incentivize and observe participation of California FFA members in order to monitor session attendance and engagement. The system is built on the following:

Goals – These are the specific objectives you will define that provides the structure for a specific game or activity. Goals are tied to a specific objective, such as checking in with an exhibitor, participating in an activity, participating in social media, and more. Goals typically will award points to the attendee for completing a goal.

Badges – Badges are recognitions for completing specific goals, typically associated with a theme. Example badges would be a Notebook badge for attending a number of workshops or a Handshake badge for visiting a pre-defined number of exhibitors. Badges serve as a recognition of an attendee’s participation at an event.

Goals and Badges will be determined in April and will be set up to ensure students will be able to showcase their participation in multiple conference events (Student Success Workshops, the College and Career Exposition and General Sessions).

In other words, teachers will be able to know what their students DID with their registration and how they participated in the event.

Additionally! Predefined curriculum is being built using an online, interactive notebook system that will serve as an accompaniment to the conference sessions. Teachers will be able to help their students process and make meaning from their experiences at the conference events, providing a needed link to social, emotional and skill development that can help Elevate the impact this event will have on all members!

Stay tuned for more innovative ways the 2021 State FFA Leadership Conference can serve all of the students in your chapter and make a difference for years to come!

For more information about the 2021 State Leadership Conference, visit https://www.calaged.org/event_type/state_convention/information

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