Giving Tuesday 2020 and A Jacket For Those In Need

By: Matt Patton, CATA Executive Director

Giving Tuesday 2020

Thank you to all the donors and sponsors of Giving Tuesday. Because of your generosity, nearly 1,000 California FFA Jackets will be given away to deserving FFA members. Once again, we offer great appreciation to Blue Diamond for their matching donation on Giving Tuesday. 

A Jacket For Those in Need

California has experienced an unprecedented economic downturn as a result of natural disasters and the pandemic. Those obstacles need not stand in the way of agricultural students and an FFA Jacket because of the success of Giving Tuesday.

There is an opportunity for FFA students in need to be recommended to receive an FFA Jacket free of charge. Identify students from your chapter to receive a jacket. Because of the unprecedented success of Giving Tuesday 2020, the limit of jackets per chapter will be raised to 5. This would be a great opportunity for schools to get a chapter set of jackets. 

Jacket redemption will be handled through the National FFA Give Blue program. Working with National FFA allowed us to secure a jacket and a tie or scarf at $80, which includes shipping to your FFA Chapter, tax and other associated expenses. To redeem your chapter’s jackets, please follow the instructions below. Applications will be processed in batches.

  1. Select a student to complete the application, or you can complete the application on their behalf. 
  2. Whoever completes the application needs to log into their National FFA account. Visit
  3. If the student is not already on your national roster, please email Trisha Chapman at She can assist in getting them added.
  4. From there, follow the application directions. It is advised to have the following information ready and accessible when you start the process.
    1. You will need to know the members state, chapter, and full name to select the student from the chapter roster. In Step 1, fill in the first and last name of the member you are nominating. Then select the state and chapter from the dropdown list. Next, look at the list of members and select  the student from the list using the students first 3 initials of his/her last name and the first initial of their first name. This will be used to verify the student is an official member of this chapter and provide the advisor reviewing the application with all the student’s information. 
    2. You will need to know what size standard jacket you want to order for your nominee and what style tie or scarf. To see the tie and scarf options please click on the link: Shop FFA and click on official dress. 
    3. You will also need to write a “Nomination Statement” explaining why this member should receive a jacket from the Give the Gift of Blue program. This program was designed to gift jackets to members who will take full advantage of the opportunities offered in FFA. Funding is limited so please make sure your nominee fits this requirement. 

Please be sure to complete the application process to redeem jackets for your chapter. Jackets will be shipped directly to your FFA chapter, via the address included on the application. 

Thank you again for your role in making this program become a reality. If you have any questions, please email Matt Patton.

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